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Caring Audiology Experts In Harrisonburg, VA, Restore The Sounds Of Life.

Audiology​ is the science and medicine concerned with hearing. While many drugstore products can help with hearing concerns, professional audiology treatment and service tailors the solution to your exact needs. By meeting with a Meadowcrest ENT audiologist, you receive professional evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment to provide real answers and solutions to your hearing problems.

Professional Audiology Expertly Matches The Right Solution To the Problem.

An owner of a vehicle will know that if the vehicle needs a new engine, driving to the nearest lube shop will not provide a solution. He may receive an oil change and some basic mechanical repairs, but he will not receive the expertise and proper repairs needed for his vehicle. It is better to visit an auto mechanic who can perform diagnostic testing and provide the labor and materials necessary to repair the vehicle. Similarly, an individual with a hearing concern needs more than a hearing aid from the nearest drugstore, big box store, or chain store. The hearing aid may help to improve hearing temporarily, but it does not provide the expertise, evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment needed for a real solution. It is better to visit an audiologist who can perform an evaluation and provide an accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment.

Work Directly With Kristin Quesenberry, Our Professionally Trained Audiologist.

Audiologists are medical professionals with educational degrees, and they undergo extensive training in audiology. They must pass audiology board exams and courses in anatomy, physiology, auditory processing, medical disorders and conditions, counseling, and hearing aids. Audiologists are also required to complete a year­long, full­time internship before starting their professional practice. Additionally, they must pass state and national boards, maintain licensure and certification, and receive continuous education in the field of audiology throughout their careers to ensure that they are up to date with current testing, technology, and medical knowledge. When you come to Meadowcrest ENT, you receive the highest quality care from our board certified audiologist, Kristin Quesenberry.

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