Quality care and the best hearing aids available are how Meadowcrest ENT meets Harrisonburg’s hearing needs.

If you would benefit from hearing aids, devices designed to fit into the ear canal and amplify sound, we offer a comprehensive range of hearing aids with the capability to fit them on-site. Your one-stop hearing aid experience streamlines the process of detecting and diagnosing hearing loss and determining and fitting you for the best hearing aid for you.

Your unique hearing situation and conditions combine to determine the best hearing aid for you.

Our extensive selection of top-quality hearing aid hardware is matched to our expertise in guiding you to the right fit. Audiologist Kristen Quesenberry explains your options and makes simple the complicated process of determining which hearing aid is best for you. Meadowcrest ENT physicians and staff are highly trained and have extensive experience working with patients. Our patient-centered approach aims to add value to your care experience.

hearing aid in a woman's hand

Meadowcrest ENT practice has your ENT doctor and your audiologist under one roof for maximum response to your hearing aid needs.

To regain hearing and improve your quality of life, we begin with an ear, nose, and throat physician’s examination. Next, our licensed audiologist evaluates your hearing. As necessary, your hearing is evaluated for hearing aids. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, we work with you and the top quality hearing aids on the market to select the best hearing aid for you.

Top-quality doesn’t always mean top price!

The best hearing aid for you increases your ability to hear and understand sounds, which helps you participate more fully in your life. Not every hearing aid candidate needs the most expensive device, nor does the least expensive hearing aid perform to the level of need for every candidate. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, and cost is presented to you to inform your decision.