If you notice the signs and symptoms, come in for a hearing loss test or hearing evaluation.

From assessment to treatment, Meadowcrest ENT provides quality care for people experiencing hearing loss. Signs and symptoms of hearing loss may include:

  • Difficulty understanding speech, especially when the person speaking isn’t visible.
  • Trouble communicating
  • Difficulty participating in group conversations or when there is background noise
  • Difficulty locating the source of a sound
  • Volumes on devices need to be louder than others prefer
  • Mumbling or inconsistent speech volumes

Relax at Meadowcrest ENT’s convenient Harrisonburg location for your hearing loss test.

Meadowcrest ENT meets all your hearing loss testing needs and provides hearing aids in the same building, which means less running around for you. We offer a full range of hearing evaluations including tinnitus evaluations, industrial hearing screenings, and Otoacoustic Emission Testing. We also provide diagnostic services for other ear related disorders.

We serve the Rockingham Harrisonburg community with newborn hearing testing.

Meadowcrest ENT is recognized by The Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (VEHDI) as the only medical practice in the Rockingham County area to provide newborn hearing testing. Our audiologist has experience conducting hearing evaluations across the lifespan, from newborns into advanced age. Our friendly and professional demeanor welcomes you to our practice as we guide you through the process for you or your child.

Our integrated ENT and Audiology practice means a greater range of services for you.

You are in good hands for comprehensive care because we operate under one roof to bring you medical, surgical, aesthetic, and audiological services. Starting with your hearing evaluation, our physicians and staff are committed to expert, quality care to meet your needs in Harrisonburg.