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The Benefits of Professional Hearing Aids

Expert Medical Audiologists Provide Real Solutions For Hearing Concerns.

Hearing aid salespeople are salespeople, not medical professionals. Their goals are to sell products, not evaluate, diagnose, or treat medical conditions. As medical professionals, audiologists can recommend treatments based on all aspects of your anatomy, lifestyle, and needs. They can perform proper testing and evaluations to provide you with unique diagnoses and treatments designed specifically for your needs. The extensive and continuous education that audiologists undergo is evidence that audiology is far more than a job: it is a lifetime career, a calling, and a passion.

Kristin Quesenberry, our audiologist at Meadowcrest ENT, says about her chosen career, “There is a lot of hearing loss in my family. I had an aunt who got hearing aids as a child, so I grew up around people with hearing loss and have seen the pros and cons, advantages and challenges to hearing aids. I think this gives me a more personal perspective on making recommendations and providing counseling to patients.” A personal interest in how hearing loss affects your lived experience means a caring and expert treatment customized for you.

The Benefits Meadowcrest ENT, Where Our Audiologist Works Alongside A Physician:

  • The quality of the hearing aid dispensed is usually higher
  • The continuity and coordination of patient care is higher quality
  • There is no missed medical clearance for patients
  • It’s more convenient for patients to have their hearing evaluation and buy their hearing aids all under one roof, guaranteeing that there’s no misunderstanding or miscommunication between physician and audiologist
  • The audio testing performed is accurate and can be trusted

Professional Audiology Treatment Improves Your Quality Of Life With Lasting Impacts.

A bandage may help to prevent an infection, but it cannot heal a wound. Similarly, a drugstore hearing aid may help to temporarily improve hearing, but it does not provide long term treatment based on a personal evaluation and diagnosis by a professional. You have a right to know what is going on with your health, and you have a right to you’re your options and the pros and cons of each treatment. Our medical professionals want to help improve your quality of life by providing you with the best medical care available.

Our medical professionals at Meadowcrest ENT can treat patients of all ages. To schedule an appointment with our Harrisonburg audiologist, please contact us at (540) 433­9399 or (866) 617­9399.

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