Professional facials are more than just applying a facial mask! Take your skin health to the next level.

Ready to look your best? As you age, proper skin care takes a more critical role in your perceived wellbeing. A professional facial serves as hygiene and exercise for the skin. At Meadowcrest Medical Spa, we are under the supervision of a physician, Dr. Gates, which allows us to safely and effectively use greater concentrations of beneficial ingredients and serums in your facial. This maximizes your results and enhances your rejuvenation.

Regular facials increase circulation and stimulate the skin to reduce signs of premature aging.

Professional facials at Meadowcrest Medical Spa in Harrisonburg use top-quality skin product lines and include deep cleansing, exfoliation to unclog your pores, softening of the skin through steam, enzymes or other exfoliants chosen to complement your skin’s needs. Your aesthetician then chooses a facial mask to detoxify, calm, energize, tone, life, or hydrate your skin. Different times of the month, season, or even stress levels may call for different key ingredients. Our master aesthetician is trained to recognize the variables involved in selecting the proper product combination to bring you to full radiance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and restore youthfulness.

Homecare programs prolong your facial results and support healthy skin between professional facials.

Diligent home skin care maximizes the restoration of your Harrisonburg professional facials. Cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin creates a robust foundation for your skin to age gracefully and keep more of its’ natural elasticity and fullness. Weekly facial masks add an extra element of support for your skin. Professional facials every 4-6 weeks with proper care in between sessions improve skin tone, texture and appearance. To meet your aesthetic goals, Meadowcrest Medical Spa  is equipped to offer further aesthetic rejuvenation to address sunspots, blemishes, and fine lines and wrinkles beyond the scope of a professional facial. Make an appointment today for a professional facial or a skincare evaluation in Harrisonburg.